This series of 52 mixed media works were inspired by the history of the playing card.

Modern playing cards were adapted from the Tarot card deck, changing Cups into Hearts, Wands into Clubs, Swords into Spades, and Diamonds into Pentacles, and so can also be used for divination.

Before the advent of printing, each card would have been hand painted by an Artisan, a process usually reserved for the upper classes. Richer families would often have a personal deck based on the family, with the heads of the house illustrated as the King and Queen. As each card was created by hand, having a deck was a rare and precious thing. With the access printing provided, and the change into suits, the deck became less mystical and owning playing cards became more widespread.

Using many different sources, I have combined the meanings of the Tarot cards and the fortunes of playing cards into my own hand illustrated deck; using acrylics, watercolour, pencil, embroidery, ink and collage, on a watercolour base.


Available for use as both simple playing cards or a tarot deck,

a return to a personalized artistic deck will treat your imagination!

A complete set of 52 mixed media artworks, professionally reproduced in 3.5" x 4.5" playing card size.

Included is a card 'meaning' sheet combining the attributes of both tarot and playing card meanings, the basis of the designs.


(tax/shipping included ~ prices in US dollars)

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D8 copy.jpg
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C4 copy.jpg
S7 copy.jpg
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